Competition Terms and Conditions

The ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’ is undertaken by Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited and Shell South Africa Marketing (Pty) Limited (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Promoters”.)

All persons entering the ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’ agree that the terms and conditions as set out herein, which will be interpreted by the Promoters, are binding on them.  These terms and conditions are the official rules of the ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’ and will govern and apply to this promotional competition.

These promotional terms and conditions contain certain terms and conditions which appear in similar text style to this clause and which:

-          may limit the risk or liability of the Promoters or a third party; and/or

-          may create a risk or liability for the entrant; and/or

-          may compel the entrant to indemnify the Promoters or a third party; and/or

-          serve as an acknowledgement, by the entrant, of a fact.

Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended or must be understood to unlawfully restrict, limit or avoid any rights or obligations created either for the entrants or Promoters, as the case may be, in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, No. 68 of 2008 (“the CPA”).

The entrant acknowledges that by submitting his/her entry, he/she has read these terms and conditions before entering and that he/she understands and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.  A copy of the terms and conditions is available at no cost to entrants and can be downloaded in printable form at



1.            Information on how to enter the ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’ forms part of these conditions.  Entry into the ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’ is deemed to be a full unconditional acceptance of these Conditions of Entry. 

2.            Entry in the ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’ is only open to South African pilots aged 18 years and over, in possession of a valid South African Identity Document and a valid pilot’s license issued by an approved and registered flight training school. 

3.            No person who is a director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant to the Promoters or who is a spouse, life partner, parent, child, brother, sister, business partner or associate to a director, employee, agent or a consultant to the Promoters is eligible to participate in the ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’.  

4.            The ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’ will be run from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016, both days inclusive (“the promotional period”).

5.            Multiple entries are permitted, subject to the following: (a) only one entry is permitted for fuel purchased at Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited's fuel bay (regardless of the amount spent in excess of R1 000); and (b) each entry must be submitted separately and in accordance with the entry requirements.  

6.            Entries that are unintelligible, incomplete, indecipherable, damaged, or defaced will be deemed invalid. The Promoters will not accept any responsibility for any entries that are lost, damaged, misallocated or delayed. Only entries which are displayed on the Promoters’ records will be deemed to be successful entries in this promotional competition. 

7.            The closing date for the monthly draws is the last day of each month. NO late entries will be accepted. 

8.            There are twelve monthly draws and twelve prizes to be won over the promotional period.  The lucky draw prize changes on a monthly basis. 

9.            The monthly draw will take place at Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited’s Management Office in the presence of Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited’s registered auditors, in the first week of the month following the closing date. 

10.         Entrants to whom prizes will be awarded will be selected through a random draw.  The first valid entry randomly withdrawn in each draw from all valid entries received at the time of the draw will be a potential prize winner.

11.         A potential prize winner is not an actual winner until the Promoters have confirmed that his/her landing and passenger fees have been paid up to date at the time of the draw and in the case of manual entries, in addition to the above, have been accompanied by a valid fuel slip issued by Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited and a verification and validation process has taken place by the Promoters to confirm the successful sale of fuel. In the event of non-compliance herewith or any of these terms and conditions by the potential prize winner, the prize will be forfeited and the selection of a replacement winner will take place in the manner and subject to all conditions provided for herein. 

12.         The prize winner will be notified by telephone or email before the end of the first week in which the monthly draw took place. 

13.         The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

14.         The prize winner has seven days from the date on which he/she has been notified within which to claim his/her prize.  The prize may be collected by the prize winner during office hours from Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited’s Management Office.  The prize winner’s name will also be published on Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited’s website within fifteen days of the draw. 

15.         The Promoters reserve their rights to brand the monthly prizes with either their respective logos and/or insignia or a combination of their individual logos and/or insignia. 

16.         The Promoters will require the prize winners to complete and submit an information disclosure agreement and indemnification to enable the Promoters to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions and the CPA.  Should any prize winner refuse to or be unable to comply with this requirement, such winner will be deemed to have rejected the prize and it will be forfeited to the Promoters who will select a replacement winner in the same manner as the original prize winner was chosen. 

17.         If the prize winner is unable to accept his/her prize or in the event of the Promoters being unable to contact the prize winner, the Promoters reserve the right to draw a new prize winner in the same manner in which the former prize winner was chosen. 

18.         The monthly prizes are not transferrable and may not be exchanged for cash. 

19.         Entrants are only eligible for one prize under this promotional campaign.  If a previous winner is drawn, he/she will be automatically disqualified and the prize forfeited.  Selection of a replacement winner will take place in the same manner in which the disqualified winner was chosen. 

20.         The Promoters are not responsible for any damage to the prize on signature of receipt thereof by the prize winner. 

21.         All risk and liability pertaining to the prize shall pass to the prize winner on signature of receipt by the prize winner. 

22.         The Promoters reserve their right, at any time, to verify the validity of entries and entrants (including an entrant’s identity and age) and to disqualify any entrant for tampering with the entry process, submitting an entry which is not in accordance with these Conditions of Entry, or for engaging in any unlawful or other improper conduct calculated to jeopardize the fair and proper running of this promotional competition. 

23.         If an entrant contravenes these rules, the entrant may, in the Promoters’ sole discretion, be disqualified. 

24.         The prize winners, at the request of the Promoters, will have the option for any unlimited period to participate in all Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited’s promotional campaigns and activities and/or allow Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited to use their name and image in any promotional campaigns in any media associated with this promotional competition.  Prize winners, however, will at all times be entitled to decline this request or invitation to participate in any promotional activity or object to their image being used by prior written notification to Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited at P.O Box 36, Halfway House, 1685.  Prize winners that take part in any publicity or promotional campaigns or permit the use of their image in any marketing activities will not be entitled to any payment or other remuneration for such publicity or promotional/marketing campaigns.  All publicity and other materials will be the sole property of Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited. 

25.         All entrants and winners, as the case may be, indemnify the Promoters, their advisors, nominated agents and/or associated companies against all claims of any nature whatsoever arising out of and/or from their participation in any way howsoever in this promotional competition and/or use of the prizes awarded. 

26.         The Promoters reserve their right to suspend, terminate or cancel the ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’ at any time in the Promoters’ sole discretion without any recourse whatsoever against the Promoters, their advisors and nominated agents. 

27.         The Promoters reserve their right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.  The entrants acknowledge that they have no recourse or claim against the Promoters as a result of the amendment of any of the terms and conditions of this promotional competition.  

28.         The laws of the Republic of South Africa shall govern this promotional competition. 

How to Enter


1.            To be eligible to participate in the ‘Fuel Promotional Competition’, an entrant’s landing and passenger fees must be paid up to date at the time of the monthly draws referred to in the Conditions of Entry below. 

2.            Entrants must spend a minimum of R1 000 or more in one transaction on any fuel purchase, in a particular month, at Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited's fuel bay.

3.            Entrants may either: 

3.1.                        fully complete and deposit their entry form in the entry box located at Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited's fuel bay; or 

3.2.                        complete the electronic slip generated by Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited’s Point of Sale on the payment of their fuel purchase and deposit the completed electronic slip in the entry box located at Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited's fuel bay. 

4.            No manual entry (see paragraph 3.1 above) will be considered valid unless accompanied by a valid fuel slip issued by Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited and until a verification and validation process has taken place by the Promoters to confirm the successful sale of fuel.  Manual entry forms that are not accompanied by a VALID till slip will NOT be accepted. 

5.            All entries must be placed in the entry box located at Grand Central Airport (Pty) Limited's fuel bay by no later than the end of the month.  NO late entries will be considered.


Winner Of The Month

Competition WinnerHermann Crafford

Winners Archive


  •  November - Hermann Crafford
  •  October - Jonathan Smook
  •  August - Colleen Winter
  •  July - Guy Maingard
  •  January - Ryan Starr - Winner of the trip to Oshkosh Airventure 2018


  •  August - Charles Waterman - winner of a Melvill & Moon Leather Duffel Bag valued at R4000 sponsored by GIB
  •  July - Tamsyn Dunn - Winner of an Alpha Flight Jacket valued at R 4300 sponsored by Nitro Air
  •  June - Enrique Naidoo - winner of a David Clark headset valued at R6600 sponsored by Century Avionics
  •  May - Duan Bouwer - winner of Casio G-Shock GA100 watch valued at R2599 sponsored by GIB


  •  November - Marcel Rajah - winner of a Go-Pro Camera and Accessories valued at R4000 sponsored by GIB
  •  October - Janharm Labuscagne - winner of a leather Gary Player overnight bag valued at R2500
  •  September - Enrique Naidoo - winner of an Altitude Clock valued at R450 sponsored by GIB
  •  August - Gerrit du Raan (represented by Richard Koorn), Keegan Pretorius & Andy Eksteen - ROHS Power Banks
  •  July - Chris Nielsen - winner of a Garmin D2 Pilot Watch valued at R6420 sponsored by Century Avionics
  •  June - Cynthia Wagner, Justin Eloy & Warren Pilossof won ASA Flight Timers valued at R660 each
  •  May - Kevin McGee - winner of an Alpha Flight Jacket valued at R2000 sponsored by GIB
  •  April - Francois De Jonge - Winner of a Rexon Air Band Radio valued at R3420 from Century Avionics
  •  March - Jonty Frederick - Winner of Ray Ban Aviators and case
  •  February - Jonty Frederick - Winner of the trip to Oshkosh Airventure 2015 and African Pilot subscription


  •  November - Stefan Venter - Winner of a VIRB ELITE camera valued at R5250 and sponsored by Century Avionics
  •  October - Shane Uren - Winner of a Brightline B7 Flightcase worth R3000, sponsored by GIB
  •  September - Shane Uren - Winner of an Airbox RunwayHD App valued at R1800, sponsored by Century Avionics
  •  August - Jan Viljoen - Winner of a David Clarke Headset valued at R5200
  •  July - Didintle Khuncy
  •  June - Shane Uren
  •  May - Stuart Wood